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       have reviewed the MusicSphere Academy Privacy Policy and Child Privacy Policy. By executing the statement below, I Authorize my child to fully participate in the website.

I understand that in consenting to my child’s registration at the site, I an enabling my child to participate in all communications aspects of the site, including posting and reading messages on the internal e-mail system and message board as well as share their image and voice transmission via the live lesson and classroom functions.

I understand that participation in these activities may enable my child to post or share personal information (e.g. e-mail address and name) that will be accessible to instructors, staff, and other visitors even though MusicSphere Academy discourages the sharing of such information with other visitors of the site. I further understand that what other visitors do with this information is beyond the control of MusicSphere Academy.

I also understand that my child’s information will be collected and processed in the United States and that the site uses cookies as described in MusicSphere Academy’s Privacy Policy.

I consent to these practices. I understand that I may withdraw my permission granted herein, with written notice as set forth in MusicSphere Academy’s privacy policy at any time. I also understand that it is important to provide accurate information in this consent form in case MusicSphere Academy needs to contact me for any reason.

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