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MusicSphere Academy is looking for skilled instructors to join our growing network of professionals.

Our Values

At MusicSphere Academy we take our responsibility of being positive coaches and role models very seriously. We aspire to teach our students how to find joy through music, build self-esteem, build relationships and ultimately become well-rounded artists and humans. Remember that every interaction we have with our students has an effect on their learning experience.

We respect others. Period. we welcome learners from all races, religions, genders, and walks of life. Our overarching mindset is that ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME and ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. Our goal as educators is to encourage individuality and foster healthy learning environments for all learner styles. 

There’s no doubt that we are responsible for shaping the future of our students in some way. As leaders we aspire to be empowering, humble, creative, encouraging, innovative, energetic and responsible. A good leader pushes others to be better versions of themselves by modeling self-development habits and accountability. 

We all have walked different paths as students of music and of life. Our stories may be wildly different, but one thing is true in each of us: Music has played a huge role in shaping us into the person we are today. We understand that we are shaping others lives in much the same way. As such, we care about our students wellbeing. We are coaches in music and in life. We are responsible for our actions, our words, and our intent. We want the best for others as well as ourselves. 

how does it work?

  1. As an instructor, you get access to our online booking tool. This tool allows you to set your working hours, and days off. With our online booking system, your schedule is entirely up to you!
  2. Clients come to MusicSphere Academy looking for high-quality musical training that fits their schedule. They use our booking tool or browse our instructor list to find someone who matches their training needs.
  3. The client books their appointment with you, then pays securely using our online payment system.
  4. Once booked, you receive an email with the booking details. MusicSphere Academy automatically creates a Zoom meeting for the booking and sends the details out to you and the learner via email. No personal contact information gets shared with the learner other than your name.
  5. As a member of MusicSphere Academy, you have access to our online Learning Management System (LMS). Through the LMS you can create lesson plans, and assign them to clients.
  6. You can also create self directed courses via our instructor dashboard. These lessons cand act as a simple system for providing homework and self-paced learning content to supplement your online, in-person instruction.
  7. You will receive bi-weekly or monthly payouts via PayPal for any lessons that has been completed during that payout period. (See FAQ for more info)

Why MusicSphere Academy?

Do you have a hard time keeping your teaching schedule full? Do you lack the time, money or knowledge for marketing your services? This is where MusicSphere Academy comes in. We keep your booking calendar online, and easily available for you to book new clients from anywhere across the nation. And even more, we handle all of the marketing! We get you seen by millions of potential music students across the country. Remove the barriers to providing your services, be seen by more potential clients, and keep your schedule booked. Why wait. Get started now!

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Instructor FAQ

As an MusicSphere Academy instructor you will be functioning as a paid contractor(1099). Regular income taxes will not be held from your paycheck. You are responsible for filing your income taxes every year and paying the required self-employment income taxes. MusicSphere Academy will issue you a 1099 statement by the end of January as required by federal law.

Joining MusicSphere Academy is free. When you join MusicSphere Academy, you get access to our online booking system, LMS, and millions of potential clients. When someone books a lesson with you, or purchases an online course you simply pay a small fee. 

Payments are sent out typically via PayPal, or Direct Deposit every 2 weeks. There is a standard 1 week holding due to payroll processing time. which means your first paycheck will come after your third week of teaching.

Technology needs can vary greatly depending on the instrument you teach. At the very least you will need a computer or tablet that is equipped with a webcam and high speed internet. The instrument you are teaching may have specific technical needs as well such as additional computer sound cards, microphones, sound mixers, cabling and more. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We suggest you experiment ahead of time to see what solution will provide the best experience for your learner. We are happy to help you test your virtual gear before you conduct your first lesson to ensure that it works properly.

To close your account, log in to your instructor portal and make your schedule unavailable. This will keep clients from booking you moving forward. Then, submit an ‘Instructor Removal’ Form. An admin will verify your account status and remove you from the system. Any money owed will be paid out on the next pay schedule as usual. 

Still have questions?

We would be happy to speak with you to answer any questions you may have. Please find a day/time that works for you using the calendar provided. We are looking forward to speaking with you about joining the MusicSphere Academy team!