Thank you for submitting your instructor application to Anthem Music Academy. 

Please find a day/time for a 30-60 minute interview using the calendar on this page. 

In preparation, please be prepared with the following (if applicable):

  1. Be prepared to speak about your teaching experience and the instruments you teach.
  2. Be prepared to speak about challenges you have faced as an instructor (both in-person and virtual if applicable)
  3. Be prepared to speak about the curriculum you use or develop for students
  4. Be prepared to speak about yourself a bit. Why do you enjoy teaching?
  5. Be prepared to conduct a sample teaching session (5 min) or share a youtube video of you teaching. We would love to see your teaching skills in action!

During the interview you will be asked a combination of open questions as well as some S.T.A.R. formatted questions. You can learn more about preparing for S.T.A.R. interview questions here: Wikipedia Article

Thank you for your interest.

Eric Salas
Founder – MusicSphere Academy LLC

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