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I started drumming about 1961 and joined the School band in 1962. Sargent John Bosworth USAF was my drum instructor From 1962 to 1972. Playing in Elementary School band, Junior High school band, High School band and University band Was especially important to me. You learn respect for all the other musicians . Rudimental Drumming and drum line taught me to discipline myself and look at the mechanics and the emotion of the music. Playing drums is not just beating a drum, but it is playing music with emotion and control. Rudimental drumming is the Back bone and Heart beat of drumming. I always teach Rudiments to my students no matter if they are learning drum set, concert band or Drum line. I will be using the A fresh Approach to the snare drum by Mark Wessels available from Music & Arts, Amazon, Mark Wessels Publication and other Book retailers.

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Rudimental Drumming, Drum Line Drumming, Snare Drum and Drum Set – $36/half hr

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